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Last week the political elite of Romania demonstrated once again, that they hardly understand what democracy and the rule of law means.
Thanks to the exemplary mobilization of the civil society, the ordinance that intended to give free hand to corruption was abrogated, but the members of the Government that adopted it and the leaders of the parties that would have benefit from its provisions are still in their seats, ready to commit such attacks against the rule of law.

And - speaking about national minorities - the same applies for the judges, ruling constantly in an unacceptable way, even against the clear provisions of the law, to the detriment of the Hungarian community living in Romania, more specific in Szeklerland.
This is the case also with this ruling:
It obliges the mayor of Gheorgheni/Gyergyószentmiklós to remove the flag of Szeklerland not only from the facade of his office, but also from any other location inside the building!

Yet another example that a traditional region inhabited mostly by Hungarian speaking Szekler people is prohibited to use its regional symbol, while in another one, with Romanian speaking inhabitants - Bucovina - the flag of the region was hoisted with military honors:

Not to mention the fact, that ECRI in its last report regarding Romania (http://www.coe.int/t/dghl/monitoring/ecri/Country-by-country/Romania/ROM-CbC-IV-2014-019-ENG.pdf) called the attention of the authorities to apply equal treatment to the national and the regional symbols, mentioning exactly the flag of Szeklerland (see para. 170 of the report).

But we can also mention the provisions of the Constitution of Romania, which in para. 6, with reference to the right to identity stipulates, that:
"The State recognizes and guarantees the right of national minorities to preserve, develop and express their ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity."
Hoisting the flag of Szeklerland is the expression of the identity of the Szekler people. Denying our right to do that is a violation of the Constitution.

Árus Zsolt
president of the Szekler Council of Gyergyószék


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