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The leaders of Romania are refusing the dialogue


In the last year the situation of the Hungarian community living in Romania became much worse, also because of the activity of some state institution. Just some examples:

- in the draft strategy on public order and public safety for the 2015-2020 period, the Ministry of Internal Affairs was interpretingthe Szekler autonomy aspiration, a “criminal phenomenon” that "poses a constant threat to the citizens welfare and safety”;

- in his message to the congress of DAHR, the president of the country admitted, that there is much to do regarding the respecting of the rights of national minorities in Romania, but after five days, the original message was replaced with another one, with no reference to these problems;

- the courts are adopting on conveyor belt decisions regarding the removal from the public space of Hungarian inscriptions, Szekler and Hungarian symbols;

-finally last December two young Szekler people were arrested with the charge of preparing a terrorist attack.


Therefore it is understandable and legitimate the growth of dissatisfaction and frustration of the Szekler community, which led to the formulation of petitions and to street demonstrations.


Observing the growth of the tensions, seeking for a peaceful solution for the problems of the Hungarian community, as presidents of the Szekler Council of seats Ciuc/Csík, Gheorgheni/Gyergyó and Odorhei/Udvarhely , last December we addressed the two leaders of the country – the President an the Prime Minister – asking them to receive a delegation including local elected leaders and politicians from Szeklerland, in order to try to find together, through dialogue, the way out from this situation. But our letter remained unanswered!


Having in mind that the end of the year is a busy period for everyone, we sent the same invitation at the beginning of the last month, but onece again without a result. This attitude is unacceptable even from a legal point of view, as the law obliges even the President and the Prime Minister to answer such letters in 30 days. But beyond that, it is not only unacceptable but also dangerous the way the two leaders of the country are behaving in this situation. In our opinion, as responsible leaders, it is their duty to reduce the growing social tensions, solving the situation of Szeklerland in accordance with the international commitments of Romania, and that presumes dialogue. So I ask them this time publicly to receive the above mentioned delegation and to assume their duty in solving the situation.


On the other hand I ask the international community, officials of the UN, OSCE and the Council of Europe to observe the evolution of the situation in Szeklerland, and according to their competences to get involved in solving quick and peaceful this situation.


Gheorgheni/Gyergyószentmiklós, the 17th of February 2016



Árus Zsolt,

president of the Szekler Council of Gyergyószék


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