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The Romanian authorities are restricting the right of assembly

by harassing and trying to intimidate peaceful demonstrators


After a year when the mayor of Marosvásárhely/Tg-Mures forbade it, this year the Szekler National Council organized again the commemoration and demonstration on the Day of the Szekler Freedom. Although we respected all the provisions of the law, despite the fact that we planned all the details in consultation with the authorities, and

after a successful event where no incidents happened (as the speaker of the gendarmerie affirmed that evening), after 5 days we have to face that the same gendarmerie is fining tens of people for huge amounts of money for trespasses they did not commit (see the translation of the official announcement below).


We consider that this is intolerable in a European country, an offence against the rule of law and against the Szekler people, an attempt aiming to convince us to give up our legitimate and peaceful fight for the autonomy of Szeklerland. We also consider that this is once more a reason for the international community to intervene, to make it clear for the Romanian authorities that the right for autonomy of Szeklerland (according to the principles and documents of the Council of Europe, respecting the obligations undertaken by Romania) must be respected.


It is obvious, that preventing a conflict is much simpler and less painful than solving it. It is time for the international community not only to know, but also to demonstrate this.


Szeklerland, the 19th of March 2016


ÁRUS Zsolt

president of the Szekler Council of Gyergyószék







Regarding the demonstration organized on the 10th of March the Mobile Gendarmerie is states:

After viewing the records of the supervising cameras of the Gendarmerie, the following measures were taken against the persons who violated the provisions of the law (Law 60/1991 regarding the organizing of public demonstrations and Law 61/1991 regarding the sanctioning of acts that are violating the rules of social cohabitation, of order and public peace), totally 84 individuals:

According to Law 60/1991 there were applied 50 sanctions, totalizing 61.000 lei for organizing of un-declared, un-registered or prohibited public gatherings; not interrupting by the organizers of the gathering when there were committed acts perturbing the order and public peace.

According to Law 61/1991 there were sanctioned 34 persons for totally 9.800 lei for silence nuisance by producing noise with shouting and noise-producing devices.

At the same time during the demonstration was found a person wearing dangerous object. He was given in the custody of the police for further criminal investigation.

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